Why take the Office On Wheels office bus?

Discover all the benefits for you as an employer

120% tax deductible

Less burn-outs for staff

Better job retention

Attracts personnel

Contribution in emissions reduction

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"With the office bus, our employees no longer lose time in traffic jams and optimally use their working hours. In addition, the office bus is a sustainable alternative to the company car. "

David Van Daele, mobility co-ordinator, Colruyt Group

With the "office on wheels bus" we offer our employees from the Ghent office, who often have to come to Brussels for consultations, a nice alternative for the car or the train. In this way they can avoid the traffic jams and work from the moment they get on the bus (wifi and access to our intranet).

The project also contributes to reducing the ecological footprint of our organization. But not only the sustainable mobility aspect plays a role. The bus also fits perfectly within the vision of Cevora who wants to focus on the well-being of all employees. The bus is a pleasant working environment that also strengthens the 'we' feeling and the informal sharing of knowledge. Colleagues also arrive less stressed and with more energy at the office.

A win-win for everyone!

Maaike Dejonckheere, Learning and development consultant Cevora

Your own bus or the existing fixed lines ?

Contact us to work out a customized test project for you

Your own bus or the existing fixed lines ?

Contact us to work out a customized test project for you

Own bus

Your company has the complete office on wheels bus available for your own employees

  • Your company determines the routes, hours and stops
  • Double branding is possible, a strong promotional tool (also possible during the day, at weekends and on public holidays)
  • The price for the bus depends on the needs of the company. We are happy to offer you a free quote!
  • Own reservation system of the company or via the Olympus Mobility App (Android / iOS)
  • Stable Wifi connection
    Enough personal space
    Spacious table top
    Power socket and USB port
    Water, coffee and toilet

How do I let my employees use the Office On Wheels bus?

Contact us and we will look at the possibilities for your employees together: type of bus, possible routes, possible adjustments of stops and hours, ...

• You receive a free quote for your own bus as well as for the use of the existing fixed lines, see sample offer for your own bus or sample offer of the existing fixed lines

• Once we have received the signed quote, we arrange all practical matters together with you

• When using the Olympus Mobility App you get access to the Olympus Mobility Portal where you can monitor and manage the use of the Office On Wheels bus (see manual)

• Once started, your staff members can register themselves (if you do not want to do this yourself) and reserve their tickets at their own discretion via the Olympus Mobilty App

Mobile meeting room or training room?

Above all, the bus can be used by companies as mobile meeting room, training room, seminar room, .... we work together with Play AV who can provide the necessary audiovisual equipment to make your meeting efficiently. Think of wireless presentation options, displays, projectors, tablets / iPads, ....

Everything is possible and Play AV works out a customized proposal.